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Chantal Hauser


Chantal Hauser @chantalhauseryoga is the founder of YOGA ATELIER (@myyogaatelier) near Zurich, Switzerland and has been teaching full-time ever since leaving university in 2010. 

She is a Forrest Yoga Guardian and a published author of a Kids Yoga article. Currently she is; – teaching small group classes @myyogaatelier and – private clients across the globe- appearing at various company events- leading events for athletic companies 

«As a movement teacher I guide the practitioner to what is and what could be so that the wiser Self can show up. Let’s start this journey together!” Chantal has brought Forrest Yoga to the Zurich yoga studios in 2014 and has extensively presented the style all over Europe at festivals and through guest-teaching. She first experienced Forrest Yoga in the late 00’s in NYC and started teaching and integrating the style in 2012. “The Forrest Yoga practice has taught me how to listen to my body and how I feel within. Listening made me feel and feeling made me vulnerable. Naturally; I completely rebelled. It took many deep breaths, the guidance of Ana, lots of hours of practicing asana and just as many hours crying on my mat to acquiesce to the process. To be open — to start the work, and to allow space to breathe and be.»

Chantal Hauser
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