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Bhutacha Bhau Full Movie 14

Bhutacha Bhau Full Movie 14

Bhutacha Bhau is a 1989 Marathi comedy film directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and starring Ashok Saraf, Sachin, Laxmikant Berde, and Varsha Usgaonkar. The film is a remake of the 1982 Hindi film Naram Garam, which was itself based on the 1978 Bengali film Pashan Devata. The film revolves around the love story of a young couple who face various obstacles from their families and society.


The film was a huge hit at the box office and became one of the most popular Marathi films of all time. The film is known for its hilarious dialogues, comic situations, and memorable performances by the lead actors. The film also features some melodious songs composed by Shailendra Singh and sung by Asha Bhosle and Shailendra Singh.

The film has been released on various platforms such as YouTube, DVD, and VCD. However, there is no official version of the film with English subtitles. Therefore, many non-Marathi speakers may find it difficult to understand the film. To solve this problem, we have created a summary of the film with English subtitles for the benefit of the viewers. You can watch the full movie with subtitles here: [Bhutacha Bhau Marathi Full Movie].

Summary of the film

The film begins with a narration by Sachin, who introduces himself as Shiva, a young man who works as a clerk in a bank. He lives with his uncle Keshav (Ashok Saraf), who is a miserly landlord and a widower. Keshav has a daughter named Radha (Varsha Usgaonkar), who is in love with Shiva. However, Keshav does not approve of their relationship and wants to marry Radha to a rich man named Prabhakar (Sudhir Joshi).

One day, Keshav receives a letter from his friend Ramdas (Nilu Phule), who informs him that he has found a suitable groom for Radha. The groom is Ramdas's son Ravi (Laxmikant Berde), who is a doctor in Mumbai. Keshav agrees to the proposal and decides to send Radha to Mumbai with Ramdas. However, he does not tell Radha or Shiva about his plan.

Meanwhile, Shiva decides to elope with Radha and asks his friend Gopi (Johnny Lever) to help him. Gopi arranges a car for them and tells them to meet him at a temple. However, on their way to the temple, they encounter Prabhakar, who tries to kidnap Radha. Shiva fights with Prabhakar and his goons and manages to escape with Radha.

Shiva and Radha reach the temple and get married in front of Gopi and a priest. However, they are unaware that Keshav has followed them and has witnessed their marriage. Keshav is furious and vows to separate them at any cost.

Shiva and Radha go to Mumbai and stay at Gopi's house. Gopi works as a driver for Ramdas, who lives in a bungalow with his wife Kamla (Reema Lagoo) and son Ravi. Ramdas is unaware that Shiva and Radha are married and thinks that they are his relatives from his village.

Ramdas introduces Shiva and Radha to Ravi, who falls in love with Radha at first sight. He does not know that she is his fiancée and thinks that she is Shiva's sister. He tries to impress her with his charm and money, but she rejects him politely.

Shiva gets a job in a hospital as an assistant to Dr. Desai (Anant Jog), who is Ravi's senior. He also becomes friends with Ravi, who confides in him about his love for Radha. Shiva feels guilty for hiding the truth from Ravi, but he does not want to hurt him or lose his friendship.

One day, Keshav arrives in Mumbai and meets Ramdas. He tells him that he has come to take Radha back with him. He also reveals that Shiva and Radha are married and shows him their marriage certificate. Ramdas is shocked and angry at Shiva for betraying him and his son. He decides to break their marriage and get Radha married to Ravi.

He confronts Shiva and Radha and accuses them of cheating him. He also insults Shiva and his uncle Keshav. Shiva tries to explain his situation, but Ramdas does not listen to him. He orders Shiva to leave his house and never see Radha again. He also tells Ravi to marry Radha as soon as possible.

Shiva is heartbroken and leaves the house with Gopi. He goes to a hotel and decides to commit suicide. However, Gopi stops him and convinces him to fight for his love. He tells him that he has a plan to reunite him with Radha.

Gopi calls Dr. Desai and tells him that Shiva is seriously ill and needs Ravi's help. Dr. Desai informs Ravi, who rushes to the hotel with him. There, they find Shiva lying on a bed with a bandage on his head. Gopi tells them that Shiva has brain tumor and has only a few days left to live.

Ravi is shocked and saddened by Shiva's condition. He feels sorry for him and decides to sacrifice his love for Radha. He tells Dr. Desai that he will not marry Radha and will let her be with Shiva till he dies.

Gopi then calls Radha and tells her that Shiva is dying and wants to see her for the last time. Radha is devastated and runs to the hotel with Kamla. There, she sees Shiva lying on the bed and cries bitterly. She hugs him and tells him that she loves him more than anything.

Shiva is moved by Radha's love and confesses that he was faking his illness. He tells her that it was Gopi's plan to make Ravi give up on her. He also apologizes to Ravi for lying to him and thanks him for his generosity.

Ravi is surprised and relieved by Shiva's revelation. He forgives Shiva and Radha and wishes them happiness. He also tells Ramdas that he has no objection to their marriage and asks him to bless them.

Ramdas realizes his mistake and apologizes to Shiva and Radha for his harsh words. He also reconciles with Keshav and accepts their marriage. He blesses them and gives them his bungalow as a wedding gift.

The film ends with Shiva and Radha living happily in their new home with Gopi, Keshav, Ramdas, Kamla, and Ravi as their friends and family.

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